Problems We Can Solve


With the amount of rain that we receive down here in Southwest Florida, drainage can be a big problem between rainfall and the natural run off from your roof. We can install pavers and manipulate their incline so that water moves away from areas where it could accumulate. Additionally, we can install a linear drain (also called a deco drain) to more efficiently drain the water for protection against the rainy season and Florida hurricanes.

Sinking Pavers

Sinking pavers are the same. All they need is to be gently removed (so we can use them again if possible).  And then we start the installation process over again.  We will it, level it, compact it, install the pavers, fill with sand and compact down the paver so they are all secure and level again. 

Slippery Pavers

If you are worried about slipping on slippery surfaces when you are lounging out by the poolside on a regular basis, then we may suggest you go with a certain type of paver, at least in areas that may frequently be wet. There are different textures available for pavers, even travertine pavers. Call us at 941-777-3115 for a free consultation to evaluate what is best for you!

Uneven Pavers

We can easily repair your uneven pavers for you!  We will just remove and replace them once the area has been properly filled and layered so the new paver will be flush with the old pavers once installed.  We can also replace any cracked or chipped pavers with new ones so you won’t even be able to tell which area was repaired. 

Unsightly Pavers

Uneven, cracked, chipped, stained  or mismatching pavers can affect the visual appeal of your home. Besides the obvious benefit of a beautiful home environment, upgrading the look of your pavers can increase your home’s curb appeal and value.

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