Paver Installation

We at Southwest Pavers will come out and help you take care of the whole process from design to complete installation.  We will help you figure out where the best layout is for your pavers, according to your home and what you are trying to accomplish.  Once we have the layout that you are happy with, we will take care of the rest for you!  We start by staking out the area, digging up the sod, compacting the dirt, placing the selected pavers of your choice which we will then fill with sand, clean and seal them for added durability.  Don’t worry, before we begin the process, we make sure that we slope the pavers appropriately for your home so there is no puddling of water on your pavers after the rain fall. Serving all of Southwest Florida.

Paver Repairs

We also do paver repairs if you have any sunken, loose, chipped, cracked or broken pavers, please give us a call!  We will come out there and determine the best process to repair your pavers to make them smooth again.  Once we are done, you won’t be able to tell which area was repaired.  This is a much more affordable and quicker option than if you were to repair a concrete driveway or patio, because you would have to redo the whole area in those cases.  With pavers, all you need to repair is the small area that is damaged. Serving all of Southwest Florida.

Red Paver Patio Retaining Wall 3

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are usually built to hold back soil, but why don’t you utilize them to add beauty and uniqueness to your homes décor?  Add shape or depth to your design with these walls.  Bring your landscaping to life with the color and beauty of your dream floral landscaping!  You can spruce up any homes front or back yard with these customizable retaining walls.

Whether your home is in Fort Myers, Bonita, Estero, Naples or Lehigh Acres, give us a call for a friendly estimate! Serving Southwest Florida.


Sometimes a simple sweeping and hosing down isn’t enough.  In those instances, we at Southwest Pavers provide the service of pressure washing and re-sanding of your pavers.  

On occasion, after a very hard rain or lots of strong wind sand might come out from in-between the joints of the pavers. If this happens then the pavers will need to have sand re-applied.  The joints need to be properly sanded so they remain safe and secure for walking and driving on. The pavers could also cause tripping problems if left uncorrected. Southwest Pavers can take care of this for you, just give us a call at (941) 777-3115.

Whether your home is in Fort Myers, Bonita, Estero, Naples or Lehigh Acres, give us a call for a friendly estimate! Serving Southwest Florida.

Applying Sealer

Applying sealer can protect your investment by protecting against weather (rain or Florida sun), the general environment, foot traffic and tire traffic. The sealer doesn’t prevent all breakage in the stones, but it does help minimize the daily wear and tear of everyday use. 

Various finishes available from South West Pavers protect the same but give a different look. You can keep the current look of your pavers with a natural finish. A wet finish would be good if you like how your pavers look after it rains. Glossy finish turns up the visual impact of your pavers by making the colors more vivid.

The sealer should be done upon installation and then re-applied every two to three years for the best protection of your pavers against the elements like the Florida sun, wind and rainy season rain.