Travertine pavers are the marble of pavers, although there are marble pavers as well!  Travertine pavers are becoming a top seller for pool decks and patios.  Travertine are pavers that are cut from pure natural stones.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so they are easy to match and create a one of a kind look for your home!  Not only are they affordable, but they are also durable, easy to clean, resistant to discoloration, easy to replace, but the two best things of all….they are less slippery when wet and they stay cool in the sun!!!  What more could we ask for when living down here in Florida where we live outside by the pool almost all year long (increasing our chances of slipping by the pool and burning our feet on the hot outside stones!)  It also has a low sunlight reflection so you won’t get blinded completely by the sun if you forget your sunglasses when you go swimming!

Clay Pavers

Brick or Clay Pavers are made from all natural materials and they are colored by mixing in different types of clay.  They have many benefits like they retain their color very well, even in direct sunlight.  Clay pavers last for generations, they will chip or crack over time (which we can easily repair for you!)  The surface can also erode and fade in color over its lifespan, but the pavers are more resistant to staining and they need less maintenance and cleaning.  Since they are made from natural materials, clay pavers are frequently restored and reused making them environmentally friendly as well.  They do have some drawbacks, like their cost.  They are more expensive because they are limited in quantity, size and shape.  They can be harder to install because they have slight variations in their dimensions, they are hard to cut and also more


Concrete Pavers are pavers made from cement, sand, gravel and water with a coloring agent added to it. They are then poured into a variety of shapes and sizes to form different styles and colors for customers to choose from.  The benefits of concrete pavers are that they are cheaper due to the larger variety and the fact that they are manmade. They are also easier to install because they are easy to cut and uniform in size.  Some of the downfalls of the concrete pavers are that they tend to fade quicker, especially when in direct sunlight.  Their color will last longer if they are sealed, but that increases their low maintenance.  Overtime their surface tends to erode the smooth finish gradually and leaves the surface looking worn down.  The quality also varies depending upon the manufacturer, so you need to make sure you get a good manufacturer, like we at Southwest Pavers do!  They also tend to have a shorter lifespan when compared to the clay pavers.


We carry stones from the following premium manufactures, Tri Circle Pavers is probably the most well-known of the ones we carry.  They opened up over 25 years ago and they have two locations.  Once is locally owned and operated here in Fort Myers and the other is in Bartow, Fl. Please click here to learn more about them and to see the choices that they offer.

For those lucky few in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, Tremron has been available since 1992.  They have dedicated themselves to setting standards in design, performance, selection and customer service most importantly!  Please click here to learn more about Tremron and their wide array of products you can choose from!

If you live in Florida you have to option to choose pavers made by Stabil.  They have been producing high quality pavers in their state of the art production facility in Sarasota Florida since 2007.  They strive to make their customers happy with their wide variety of high quality products at an inviting price.  Visit Stabil here to learn more about them and the products they offer.

Oldcastle Coastal has been in the concrete industry since 1965.  They are the premier manufacturer and distributor for the entire state of Florida for masonry.  They carry a variety of manufacturers of pavers, including Belgard from the classic style to the natural.  Visit Oldcasle Coastal here to find out more about Oldcastle Coastal. Learn more about Belgard here.